About Wildeshausen

Wildeshausen is the capital city of the Oldenburg district of Lower Saxony. It has a population of about 20,000 and is therefore a little smaller than Hertford (ca 26,000). It is located on the river Hunte and is surrounded by agricultural land forests and heathland .The nearest big towns are Oldenburg and Bremen, each about 20 miles away, and Osnabruck about 45 miles away.

Wildeshausen has a long history, and being documented in 851, is said to be the oldest town in Oldenburg. It received "city rights" in 1270, and the Alexanderkirche (Alexander church) dates from this time.The town has many delightful buildings both old and new, including two town halls - one with a glockenspiel featuring moving figures; a characteristic market square; historic churches and a pleasant riverside park. Nearby are the Pestruper Grave Mounds - a prehistoric burial ground, unique in the north European area and used continuously from about 900 to 200 BC.

Wildeshausen is a " Luftkurort" -- a health resort. The countryside around Wildeshausen and the Hunte river path offer a wide choice of both walking and cycling routes. Many of these have particular themes, such as 'prehistoric sites'; 'mills'; 'river valleys' and 'gardens'.



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